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Independent Party of CT Names Chip Beckett, Independent Candidate for Lt. Governor of Connecticut in 2022, as New Chairman

May 7, 2024                                                                                Contact: Chris Cooper, 860-836-7491

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Independent Party of CT Names Chip Beckett, Independent Candidate for Lt. Governor of Connecticut in 2022, as New Chairman

Glastonbury Veterinarian and Former Chair of Glastonbury Town Council Says Independent Party Offers Alternative to Broken Two-Party System

The Independent Party of Connecticut today announced that Chip Beckett, candidate for Lt. Governor of Connecticut in the 2022 gubernatorial election campaign, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Independent Party of Connecticut.

Established in 2004 in Waterbury as a local party, the Independent Party ran a full slate of candidates and won 10 seats, becoming the minor party representation in Waterbury (no Republicans were elected at that time). In 2008, the Party ran as a Statewide party in the presidential election, and then in 2010, ran for Statewide offices, which has since been the Party’s focus.

“The Independent Party of Connecticut strives to provide a centrist voice for the many disaffected voters unhappy with both parties,” Chip Beckett said.  “During the 2022 gubernatorial campaign, Rob Hotaling and I had the opportunity to visit and meet with voters across the state who were unhappy with both major parties but felt their vote would be wasted on a third-party candidate.”

”At the same time, the news media and political observers praised our campaign for having “ideas, not ideology,” Beckett said. “The Independent Party is going to do the hard work necessary to provide an alternative to the two-party duopoly that has hindered our state’s progress in so many ways.”

Beckett noted that every major party gubernatorial candidate since Governor Jodi Rell has been a millionaire: Tom Foley v. Dan Malloy in 2010.  Tom Foley v. Dan Malloy in 2014. Ned Lamont v. Bob Stefanowski in both 2018 and 2022.

”We demonstrated in 2022 that voters want alternatives,” Beckett said. “Voters want an independent voice, and they believe like I do and like the members of the Independent Party believe, that political parties and political campaigns should be about the best ideas, not the biggest bankrolls — and I believe most Independent and independent-minded voters would agree.”

Chip Beckett replaces outgoing Chairman Mike Telesca.  Mike was an independent alderman in Waterbury from 2007-2009.  He is a self-employed real estate owner and has been involved with the nonprofit work of securing empty buildings and cleaning up abandoned lots with the NRZ Property Rescuers in Waterbury.  He has led the Independent party since its inception.

“So many voters really want an alternative to what the two major parties put up every election cycle,” Beckett said. “The Independent Party is not beholden to partisan “gotcha” politics, and we are neither red nor blue – we are red, white, and blue and we are beholden only to the voters of Connecticut.”

The Independent Party has adopted a resolution for all candidates to pledge that: “I, insert candidate name, strongly support free and fair elections and the rule of law, and reject the actions of January 6th, 2021 that attempted to prevent the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in the history of the United States.  I accept the results of all elections past and future, as certified by election officials.”

Chip Beckett is a Glastonbury veterinarian and former Chair of the Glastonbury Town Council. In 2022, he ran for Lt. Governor of Connecticut as an independent candidate with Rob Hotaling.

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