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The Independent Party represents people who think for themselves and wish to advance the welfare and well-being of Connecticut residents through common sense governance both statewide and at the local, municipality level. If you want to make Connecticut a better place to live, work and play, join us.

We live in a divisive political environment, but do not look at litmus tests to qualify potential candidates, however we do look for people who want to constructively engage across the aisle and make incremental progress to issues we face here in Connecticut.  Our goal is to create a centrist governing coalition to help solve many of our state’s long standing issues, so we can all have better lives.

We endorse both Independent Party members, as well as moderate or centrist candidates from both major parties if we do not have a candidate of our own.  Below are a host of issues we support and with multiparty cooperation and better governance, hope to resolve.


Reform Election & Ballot Access Reform

  • Implement Ranked Choice Voting.
  • Open the Citizens Election Fund equally to all candidates qualified for the ballot.
  • Allow minor parties to endorse candidates without the petition requirement if they represent the entire state.
  • Allow citizen referendums on issues of importance.

Improve Representation

  • Eliminate FOI exclusions for policy matters ( excluding individual personnel issues)
  • Find ways to increase public participation in government meetings at the policy development level, not when the work is completed and simply needs ratification.
  • Fill boards and commissions with all citizens, including unaffiliated and minor party members, not just major parties.

Expand Technical and Vocational Education

  • Expand technical education for students wanting something other than college preparatory programs.
  • Address disaffected youth and the problem of dropping out of school and/or workforce.
  • Improve access to community college skills and specific training for workforce skills for people not attending college full time.

Improve Infrastructure

  • Continue to develop a viable passenger rail system to allow people to effectively travel between cities on public transportation.
  • Continue focus on state and interstate highway repair system; address bottlenecks.

Support the Environment

  • Focus on limiting carbon pollution with its associated health damage by expanding distributed power generation and space heating alternatives.
  • Fully realize open space and farmland protection across the state to previously stated goals.

Expand Housing Choice

  • Encourage the expansion of housing choices, especially in areas of public infrastructure that avoids costly extensions of sewer and water that already exists in nearby areas.
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